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Reflections of a LA Maker

I have a lot of ideas. Sometimes, my thoughts move so fast that I have to pause in order to allow my words to catch up. But my weakness is that I romanticize them all too often. I scroll through Pinterest and say "Oh I like that, maybe I could make it" and move on.

I sit with ideas too long in fear that there will be mistakes if I implement them. They're perfect in my head, but they should stay there because what if I mess up? But how do I grow from that?

We are created to flourish, but if we don't give ourselves grace and space to do so, nothing bad happens, but nothing good does either.

The Handmade Market LA was my first market as a maker and small business owner. I learned a lot of practical things (like make sure you display prices on literally everything and let me people know that everything is handmade by you), but most of all, I learned that in order to move forward, you need to take a step of faith.

So here's some photos of me taking steps of faith towards something I'm not entirely sure where, but I'm enjoying the ride and the people along the way.

Thanks for all people who came out to support me and other LA makers. And especially to Sage, who has supported me from the very beginning!


I'm working on a new collection called "Greenery." I'm super stoked about it. I'll use local and sustainable lumber that's a bit lighter, stain it using an all-natural dye, and hand-paint eucalyptus leaves as a border. I will still add calligraphy with white acrylic paint.

Here's a preview of one. Look out for the new products!

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