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Our first market!

One of my goals for 2019 specifically tied to The Urban Oak studio was to participate at a local market. Even though it's been a goal, it's frightening! First and foremost, my products are my artwork. All creatives can emphasize that sharing your work for the world to see, anxiety can also tail behind. Art is part of your soul. Creatives put their heart on the sleeve for strangers to judge. So it's scary. However, I'm hoping the reward outweighs the rewards (I've been told it does by other makers and small business owners), not in terms of money, but to share my work with others.

With all that said, you can find me at my first market in Los Angeles! Specifically in Atwater Village. Other makers and creatives will be selling their products. I'm excited to be part of it--to dip my toe into the world of markets and explore what other LA makers have to offer.

I hope you can come visit me and support other small businesses as well. Here are the details:

Name: Handmade Market LA

Date: Sunday, June 23

Time: 10AM-2PM

Location: 3300 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Follow @handmademarketla to enter in the giveaways and learn about the other vendors!

PS If you follow us on Instagram (@theurbanoakstudio), there will be an upcoming announcement of a market-only discount!

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